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Equality Makes Sense View all proposals Ended on: 30/04/2022

Equality Makes Sense

Do you have an idea that can improve gender equality in Cyprus?

What changes can we make in our daily lives to address gender inequality?

We are looking for simple, yet impactful ideas that will benefit people across the whole island.

We experience gender inequality and discrimination in our homes and communities every day. Can you think of any examples? These may have to do with our personal and family life (e.g. house chores and child care), our professional life (e.g. pay gap) or political and civic life (e.g. lack of women in leadership and political representation).

How will it work?

  • Click here to register on the platform. Then visit this page and write your idea in simple terms. Nothing technical, just your idea and how it will work.* As you develop your idea, consider whether it is simple, doable and relevant for many people in Cyprus. You can submit as many ideas as you like!**

  • You can also ask your networks, family, and friends to help you socialize your idea by sharing it on social media. Even if you do not wish to submit an idea, you can simply “support” (like) your favourite idea(s) and share comments, upon registering on the platform until 29th April.

  • The 10 most popular ideas that receive the highest ‘support’ on the Platform will be shared with respective stakeholders for their potential adoption / implementation. The sooner you submit your idea, the more time you will have to collect ‘support’ and more chances for your idea to reach the top 10!

Once the call for ideas is completed, the ideas submitted on the platform will be disseminated through social networks and traditional media. In addition, a public event will be organised in early May, where the ideas will be presented and discussed by stakeholders and gender experts.Pusula / Ππούσουλας team is committed to support actions towards achieving greater gender equality on the island. The type of support may vary from advocacy to raising public awareness, etc. depending on the outcomes of this public discussion.


  • Call for Ideas: 31st March – 29th April 2022
  • Public event & call-to-action: 10th May 2022

The campaign is financed by The Embassy of Sweden and the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung and implemented in partnership with Centre for Sustainable Peace and Democratic Development (SeeD).

* If you wish to submit your idea anonymously, please register using an alias. In doing so, please take note of the platform's Rules of Engagement. Users' content is closely monitored to ensure that everyone within this community feels welcome and respected.

** When filling in the idea submission form, please make sure that you chose the campaign ‘Equality Makes Sense’ from the Campaign dropdown menu.


Winning Proposal

Help Cyprus find its direction while bringing your ideas to life! View all proposals Ended on: 10/05/2020

Help Cyprus find its direction while bringing your ideas to life!


Do you have an idea that can bring substantial, positive impact at scale in everyday life in Cyprus?

We are looking for impactful ideas that will benefit people across the whole island. 50,000 Euros will be allocated for the implementation of the idea that receives the most support by the public. 


Why not your idea?

Imagine that you are having coffee with friends and they mention how THAT IDEA has been having a real positive impact not just on their own lives but on the lives of many others on the island as well. You simply smile and say, that was my idea!


So how will it work?

  1. Reflect on one of your goals and aspirations in life that you feel all people on the island probably share (e.g. a good job, clean environment, safe spaces etc)

  2. Now think of an idea that would help achieve them

  3. Write your idea in simple terms. Nothing technical, just your idea and how it would work!

  4. Users of this platform will comment on everyone’s ideas.

  5. The top 10 ideas that receive the most support among users will pass to the voting stage.

  6. 50,000 Euros will be allocated for the implementation of the idea that receives the most votes.

  7. The person who submits the winning proposal will be acknowledged and will receive public recognition.


As you develop your idea, consider the following elements:

  • Feasibility – it has to be something that can be realized in less than a year. You don’t need to limit yourself to a ceiling of 50,000 Euros. This grant can be used to scale up an existing activity or as a start-up grant for a new one.

  • Scale – it can reach as many people as possible around the island (e.g. think of 100,000 people or more).

  • Impact – it will make life in Cyprus better.


So, how will the winning idea become a reality?

Once the voting stage is completed, Pusula/Ππούσουλας will carry out a call for technical proposals to identify potential entities that can adapt and implement the winning idea. The winner of the best idea will not receive the funds. Neither the idea creator nor Pusula/Ππούσουλας team will be directly involved in the implementation process. Pusula/Ππούσουλας is solely an intermediary to ensure sustainability, scalability, quality of implementation, and timely delivery.



•  Deadline for online submission of ideas: Sunday 10th May, 2020 (23:59 Cyprus time) 

•  Public voting: Wednesday 13th May - Monday 18th May (23:59 Cyprus time) 

•  Winning idea announced: Wednesday, 20th May 

•  Implementation stage: Thursday, 21st May onwards


Winning Proposal


The results are in!

The winning idea that received the most votes from the public is Gardens of the Future, promoting urban sustainable farming through a network of gardens. 

The analysis of all registered votes can be found below:



What is next? 

First, we will start the process of making this happen! We will be posting updates here as Gardens of the Future becomes a reality. Second, we will compile ALL the ideas received and share them with policy makers and the general public. We hope that some of these ideas can be implemented by others, so we want to continue promoting them. Finally, the team will reflect on your great feedback and encouragement that we have been receiving over the last few weeks on how to make the platform better in its functionality, from the registration, voting, overall user experience as well as its impact. Please continue sending us your feedback and suggestions, they only help us.   

Thank you Pusula/Ππούσουλας community for your incredible ideas, encouragement and dedication. Remember: Everyone in Cyprus can make a difference and bring positive change on the island! Together we can make an even larger difference.

Stay tuned!



Gardens of the Future Poster

Gardens of the Future

Gardens of the Future   4 comments Created Date:18/04/2020

Help Cyprus find its direction while bringing your ideas to life!

Remember when Nicosia had an abundance of water, wells, orchards & gardens? Gardens of the Future can imagine reviving this feeling by creating a lush, green paradise in the heart of Nicosia for all

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