Pusula / Ππούσουλας

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Pusula / Ππούσουλας is a platform for civic participation

Use this Guide to get a better understanding on:

●          Overview of the Platform sections

●          10 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Overview of the Platform sections:


In the campaigns page, you can find active and completed calls for ideas. You can view the submitted proposals for completed calls and submit your ideas for active calls under this section. Here, you can also find detailed information about each stage of the Pusula / Ππούσουλας process.



Once the call for ideas is completed, the voting page is activated. The top 10 ideas with the highest number of supports automatically appear under this section for public voting.


Rules of Engagement:

This page entails the Moderation Guidelines to ensure that everyone within the Pusula / Ππούσουλας community feels welcome and respected by others. Rules of Engagement are here to help you understand what it means to be a member of Pusula / Ππούσουλας.


About Us:

You can find detailed information about Pusula / Ππούσουλας Platform, its objectives and background information about the team under this page.


Contact Us:

If you have any technical problems, please fill in and submit the Contact Us form.


10 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why isn’t the ideator automatically the implementer?

●          Transparency and accountability: There may be different vendor(s) which could implement the winning idea in a more efficient, impactful and scalable way.

●          Inclusivity: It may not be technically feasible for the ideator of the winning idea to adapt and implement it, due to lack of technical capacity, resources, experience or other reasons.

●          Impact: Through the call for technical proposals, we can ensure that the winning idea gets implemented in a way that could reach as many people as possible around the island, through the most suitable vendor.


2. Do I have to sign up first before participating in Pusula / Ππούσουλας?

Yes, you need to sign up first in order to participate in the Platform (i.e. submit an idea, support or comment on an existing idea, vote, etc.). User registration allows us to make participation safer and at the same time reach as many people as possible.  Non-registered users can still view all contents of Pusula / Ππούσουλας but cannot actively participate.


 3. How do I create and verify my account?

The first step is to sign up on Pusula / Ππούσουλας. Once you do so, you should receive an email in your registered email address, containing a verification link (i.e.“Confirm my account”). To verify your account, you simply need to click on the link to complete your registration and verification process. Pusula / Ππούσουλας will automatically verify your account and you should then be able to log-in on Pusula / Ππούσουλας. 


4. How can I submit an idea on Pusula / Ππούσουλας? Can I send you my idea directly through Contact Us Form, or via Facebook / Twitter?

You can submit your proposal directly through the Campaigns page . To do so, you first need to sign up and create an account. Then, you can log-in (using your username and password) and click on the “Create proposal” button under the Campaigns section to submit your idea.


5. Can I submit more than one idea?

Yes, you can submit as many ideas as you want.


6. Can I edit / withdraw my idea at any time?

Once your proposal has been published you cannot make any edits to it, but you can withdraw it at any time you want as long as the Call for Proposals is still open.


7. Where can I view the submitted ideas?

All submitted ideas can be found in the Campaigns page.


8. What happens if someone shares an idea / comment that is intimidating, inappropriate or disrespectful?

Pusula / Ππούσουλας has Rules of Engagement to ensure that everyone within this community feels welcome and respected. All content shared by the users is closely monitored by our team and immediate action is taken against users who do not respect these moderation guidelines. This may mean deleting the user’s account and/or any comments that may be considered inappropriate with or without warning. Users can also directly inform us of inappropriate content by simply clicking on the flag button found beneath each proposal and beneath comments. In this way, our team is instantly informed and immediate action is taken.


9. I am having difficulties in submitting my idea. How can you help?

Check out this brief video guide. The video provides a demonstration of all the steps needed to submit your idea and more! If you

are still experiencing problems, please fill in and submit the Contact Us form.


10. How can I contact Pusula / Ππούσουλας team for further information?

The designated communication format is email. Our team is here to assist you with any information you may need. If you have additional queries that are not covered in this section, please fill in and submit the Contact Us form. We will get back to you with as soon as possible.