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The Social Mediators Network (SMN)

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Katerina Katerina       No comments    Created Date: 22/04/2020
Social Mediation
Social Mediation

Proposal code: Pusula / Ππούσουλας-2020-04-111

We are proposing the creation of an online platform that will host an island-wide community of Social Mediators, or active citizens wishing to get involved in the prevention and resolution of conflict

This proposal is developed under the umbrella of ICLAIM’s Social Mediation in Practice initiative, which aims to raise awareness on the benefits of Social Mediation as a tool for conflict resolution and establish the island-wide application of social mediation through a network of Social Mediators.

The aim of the Social Mediators Network, hosted in the SMN platform is to foster island-wide collaboration, understanding, and peace, by addressing both large and small-scale conflicts that we experience in our various social circles (family, work, community etc). Social Mediation is a tool that uses facilitated dialogue in a non-formal way to assist the resolution of existing community conflicts (intergroup or interpersonal) and prevent future ones. The Network of Social Mediators that this platform will host will comprise of empowered and trained individuals from across the island, and of any background and professional expertise. The involved individuals will be trained and supported in using the Social Mediation tool, and the platform will serve for their continued learning, support and mentoring, synergy-creation, and for continuous empowerment as ambassadors of positive social change.

More specifically, the platform will serve to offer membership to all individuals who receive the introductory two-day Social Mediation in Practice training – which ICLAIM has co-delivered to over 50 individuals from across the island already, and wishes to continue its delivery. Members of the SMN platform will have benefits of mentorship as they apply Social Mediation in their individual circles, while the platform will additionally give the opportunity to the Mediators to establish hubs on larger projects – ie. Social Mediation in civil society; Social Mediation in education, etc. An internal experience-oriented structure will allow more experienced Social Mediators to act as mentors of newer members and establish channels of internal communication and support.

On the work already undertaken by ICLAIM on Social Mediation you can visit: www.social-mediation.org

You can also find the Social Mediation Handbook attached as a separate file, which serves as a primary reference to the introductory Social Mediation training series the organisation delivers.

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