Pusula / Ππούσουλας

The winning idea is 'Gardens of the Future'!

Thank you all for participating on Pusula/Ππούσουλας. Together we make it happen. Stay posted. More news about the implementation coming up soon.


The first campaign of Pusula/Ππούσουλας has been completed! Pusula/Ππούσουλας has invited all people living in Cyprus to share ideas that could improve every-day life in Cyprus. A total of 54 ideas have been submitted! Out of the top 10 ideas, the winning proposal with the most number of votes is "Gardens of the Future"!

About Pusula/ Ππούσουλας

Pusula / Ππούσουλας is a comprehensive digital tool for civic participation in Cyprus, enabling an open, transparent and participatory society.

Pusula is part of the Consul family.

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